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Reputation for bringing "good fortune" Taste since its establishment


We create and sell fresh confections by entrusting the colors of the four seasons to our confections.

Please enjoy the taste of the season.

Our confections change every two to three months as "seasonal confections".


Since its establishment in the late Meiji period (1868-1912), Daifuku has been loved for its traditional taste of mochi (rice cake) with a sweet red bean paste.The branding of the Uchide no Kozuchi is said to be "auspicious".
The only ingredients are mochi rice, sugar, and azuki beans.

The carefully selected ingredients and homemade red bean paste give the mochi a soft texture and a slightly elegant sweetness.
The surface of the mochi becomes hard as time goes by, so it is made from before dawn to early in the morning, and only enough is made to sell that day.

It is sold at the main store in Hashisaki, Shingu-cho, Tatsuno City, "Roadside Station Shingu" in Hirano, Tatsuno City, and Kamigori Shop in Daimochi, Kamigori Town.
(Reservations are also accepted.)


Seasonal Wagashi


Spring Wagashi (April-May)

Three kinds of Kashiwa Mochi (194 yen each)

Three kinds of Kashiwa Mochi. The pink one is miso bean paste, the mugwort one is grain bean paste, and the white one is peeled bean paste.

Kuzu Chimaki (340 yen)
Kuzu rice cake with Dainagon Azuki.


Autumn Wagashi (July-October)

Grape Daifuku (356 yen)
"Daifuku" is made of premium grapes wrapped in white bean paste

Shaved ice Uji (600 yen)
Uji Milk Kintoki...Delicious green tea with condensed milk, homemade bean paste and shiratama dango.

Shaved ice Strawberry milk (500 yen)
Fresh strawberries and honey are added to make syrup.


Spring Wagashi (April - May)

Hassaku rice cake (315 yen)
Hassaku is wrapped with white bean paste and snow flakes.


Early Summer Wagashi June
Daifuku with plums (432 yen)


Winter Wagashi (November-December)

Mandarin orange Daifuku (432 yen)
Whole small mandarin oranges wrapped in white bean paste and soft rice cake.


Standard Wagashi

Daikoku Mochi

Our famous daifuku mochi, branded with the branding of "hammering mallet".

Made with 100% carefully-selected glutinous rice, this pounded rice cake is wrapped in a homemade “koshian” made with Hokkai azuki beans.5 boxes are newly available.

(170 yen)

Daikoku Ayu

It is a monaca in the form of a powerful ayu swimming in the Ibo River and Chikusa River. Please enjoy the elegant aroma and deliciousness of "Koshian" made with carefully selected Hokkai red beans.

(253 yen)

Cheese Cake Manju

This baked good is made with cream cheese. Enjoy the rich and cheesy taste.

(249 yen)

Somen Monaka

This monaka was created in the image of Banshu Ibo no Ito, the region's representative somen noodles.

(350 yen)

(Chestnut Yokan and Ogura Yokan)

Kuriyokan (chestnut yokan) has a smooth texture of koshian and a luxurious taste of chestnuts used in abundance.

(Kuriyokan 1block:1,342 yen)

Ogura-yokan is a type of yokan characterized by the texture of the sweet bean paste and the slight aroma of the flavor.

(Ogura-yokan 1block:1,140 yen)

Tatsuno Murasaki (burnt soy sauce pie)

Gold Award
"Nishi-Harima Food Selection 2021"

Baked with soy sauce, which has a 400-year history, on the pie.

(165 yen)

Akane no Sora

We are proud of our dorayaki with chestnut-filled red bean paste made with carefully selected Hokkai azuki beans.

(253 yen)

Kasane Iwa

It is a big "Kuriman" full of volume.

It seems that a smile and a nostalgic singing voice will reach you.The large chestnuts inside the white sweet bean paste are a delightful treat both in taste and shape.

(321 yen)


This is Dacquoise with Dainagon Azuki.
It is sprinkled with powdered sugar.

(261 yen)

Rakan no Kakashi

It is a refined confectionary made of Murasame dough (steamed koshian) rolled with Ogura-yokan (sweet bean jelly).

(261 yen)

Daikoku Kasuteira

Sweet and soft, the pomegranate dough is fragrant, moist, and a sponge cake with a fluffy egg scent.

(274 yen)

Daikokutan Pudding

It is a pudding made by a Japanese confectioner with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

(249 yen)


Madeleines made with rice flour.
Inside are peeled sweet soybeans.

(285 yen)

Engi Mame (Black Bean Tart)

This is a tart with three kinds of beans.

(324 yen)

Kiraku and Houraku

Kiraku: White sweet bean paste wrapped in butter dough with small chestnuts (left)

(244 yen)

Houraku: A flavorful pastry made by wrapping "Apricot" in green tea bean paste, wrapping it in pie crust and baking it (right).

(273 yen)

Akamatsu no Sato

A Japanese-style cake made by steaming Karukan with chestnuts with astringent skin and mashed sweet bean paste.

(261 yen)

Kozuchi Baum

It is a proud board balm baked in many layers. Please enjoy the moist texture.

(389 yen)


Please celebrate the first birthday with 1 sho-mochi!
Red and white birthday cake (with birthday grab cards):5,100 yen

Red and white birthday cake (with name)

Our special backpack.
Please use it with the red and white birthday cake!
Backpack:1,300 yen

1 sho-mochi backpack

red and white birthday cake


Daikokuya Tanji's confections are now available for purchase on our website!


Daikokuya Tanji's assortment of sweets can be ordered through the website!

Store Locations



331-1 Hashisaki, Shingu-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Pref.




Business hours 8:00-18:00

Closed Wednesdays



14 minutes walk from Higashi Hashisaki Station on JR Kishin Line

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